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Porsche 981 Cayman BFR ‘18 1.1

Porsche 981 Cayman BFR ‘18

  1. administrador
    Message for modders and developers of cars and circuits, if you think that any of these mods should not be on this website or is not updated, contact us to delete or update it.
    BZ SimWorks (Beto FR)

    • Fictional and personal modification over the Cayman GT4 to bring a special “RS” version for the beautiful Cayman.
    • Inspired in the new Porsche GT2 RS. Created to be even faster than him.
    • Credits to Kunos for their Cayman model, and Forza 7 for the parts used to make part of the kit.
    • Highly modified 3d elements and hard “body-builder” works done over all the parts of the body kit to keep the Cayman body details and design.
    • 28 color combinations with 8 special skins. BFR skin by me (Beto FR) and the other cool skins by Ale CA. All colors and paints effect made individually and manually as allways.
    • HQ textures and Visuals.
    • Lods A, B, C and D.
    • V8 4.8-litre Biturbo engine used in the 918 Spyder and Cayene Turbo, with modifications to deliver 765hp. Sequential gearbox, and rear wheel drive.
    • Some parts inherited from the 918.
    • Time attack car handle type, a good mix between a high performance supercar and GT3 car.
    • Bhp: 765 Bhp
    • Par: 850 Nm
    • Peso: 1275 Kg
    • V. Max: +330 km/h

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  1. Porsche 981 Cayman BFR ‘18

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  1. patalisa
    Version: 1.1
    Bon mod
  2. Pablo
    Version: 1.1
    muy bueno
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    Version: 1.0