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Natural Graphics Mod 3.8.1

Natural Graphics Mod

  1. administrador
    Message for modders and developers of cars and circuits, if you think that any of these mods should not be on this website or is not updated, contact us to delete or update it.
    Chris Kennedy

    To install: Unzip to the root of your AC install folder, run JSGME and activate Natural Weather and optionally Ben Lee + WagnumPI Clouds, then select the Natural_Mod PP filter in game. Set saturation to 100% in graphics options and exposure is set to 100% (Page Up/Page down when on the track).

    Natural Photomode is for screenshots only, has higher quality DOF effect (very demanding) and other tweaks. HC version = High Contrast
    Thanks to Ben Lee and WagnumPI for allowing me to include their clouds in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Natural Graphics Mod