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Ferrari F40 Competizione 1.0

F40 Competizione

  1. administrador
    Message for modders and developers of cars and circuits, if you think that any of these mods should not be on this website or is not updated, contact us to delete or update it.
    All reworks made by Beto Fernandez; Physics, visuals, animations and other stuff.

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Recent Reviews

  1. mage
    Version: 1.0
    5 laps and I'm sold. Take an F40, add 300 horsepower, and get this. Super snappy, super raw, super difficult, and super rewarding. Tons of liveries to choose from, each one very high quality. Very few cars have such a nail biting driving experience. My only complaint is that the car features an in-dash lap timer, which has numbers that go off the screen of the timer.
  2. simracerspics
    Version: 1.0
    Perfecto en todos sus sentidos... una buena máquina.