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ACL Lotus Cortina MkI 1.0

ACL Lotus Cortina MkI

  1. administrador
    Message for modders and developers of cars and circuits, if you think that any of these mods should not be on this website or is not updated, contact us to delete or update it.
    AC Legends

    Car Conversion by Donnie Heerdt SBH
    Skins by Ned & Marco Miniussi
    Sounds by Paul Williams
    Physics by Bazza

    Otros coches de Assetto Corsa Legends

Recent Reviews

  1. Paul Ridd
    Paul Ridd
    Version: 1.0
    Your Lotus Cortina is beautiful.
    I'm on Assetto Corsa v 1.15.2
    I'm new so select Practice
    In Select Car I can select it, read your information, change skins , view in 360 (fabulous detail!)
    I select Highlands Short (it came with AC so should be no problem).
    AC doesn't crash. It loads the track with ACL Cortina Mk1 side flash It then returns to the Practice page.
    (Just tried Challenges and Race and it does the same)
    What's going wrong?
    1. administrador
      Author's Response
      The problem may be because some modders use parts of other cars and these can be from a DLC car and if you do not have them the game closes.
  2. André
    Version: 1.0
    Great car handling and sound are so good.

    What track is in that video?
    1. administrador